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Interlocking Solutions

Automated technician’s workstation of the microprocessor-based interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM - ATW RA

ATW RA is intended for providing to station maintenance men the detailed control-diagnostic information about control facilities condition of the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM, in particular:

  • information about condition of the stations outdoor equipment and lines. When COCD is used as a part of the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM on ATW displays detailed data about operation parameters, presence and factors of track switches and signals failures;
  • information about condition of own hardware of the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM;
  • information about Combined Power Supply Plant (CPSP, CPSP-M) condition including measurement figures of the power parameters;
  • diagnostic data of the different external devices and Interlocking systems relating with the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM.

ATW RA allows to output the information in real-time as well as in display mode of the archival data in a user-friendly style (mnemonic diagrams, tables, lists of messages, schedules and so on).

ATW RA connects to Control Connection Device (CCD RA) of the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM from which gets necessary data for processing and display.

It is possible to manage the CCD RA network of several stations during equipping with the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM. It is allow to maintenance staff to get the control-diagnostic information about system EC-EM/ABTC-EM condition of the whole line from ATW RA of any station.