Ru En

Interlocking Solutions


Compatibility with different types of CPSP RA

Connecting to any earth systems

Continuous monitoring of parameters input network

Connection with Control System (CS) and Automated system of commercial power metering (ASCPM) by digital interfaces

Remote disconnection of input network



 IFU are designed for replacement existing Remote Control Power-off Switchboard (CPS) and could operate as separately so combined with CPSP RA and can be used inside the EI buildings or transportable modules.

Several feeders are combined in one construction to make it compact. Herewith is provided the division power circuits using double fire resistant barriers.

Three-phase feeder from Power Center or DGS could be connected as the external supplier. Cable section of the external feeder could be up to 180 mm2.



For reliable and safe commutation of input network is used disconnecting switch with visual control of contact configuration.

Two-stage protection with control actuations of SPD is realized for protecting from atmospheric and switching overvoltage by IFU input.

 Could be controlled the insulation resistance of three-phase power circuit IFU with transfer of control signal in diagnostic system.

Definitive benefit of IFU is three phase multi functional electricity power meter ABB. Also this power meter could measure a lot of parameters of input network (up to 42) in real-time and transfer this data to STDM by digital channel. These possibilities allow to provide the control of input network parameters and delimit the areas of distances responsibility of Signal and Power Engineering departments.


Emergency power-off board

 For remote disconnection external power source from IFU load is applied the emergency power-off board (EDB). The board allows disconnect from two to four IFU. The serviceability indicator of IFU and emergency shutdown circuits to IFU are designed in the cabinet. The EPB has protective emergency stop button, small sizes and could wall installed.