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Interlocking Solutions


Switching voltage 24V of stationary battery

Using with IFU

Remote disconnection input network



IBU is intended for voltage switching 24V coming in from stationary battery and can used inside the EI buildings or transportable modules.

IBU and IFU are applied together with the existing power supply devices of relay electrical interlocking (EI), ABTC in cases when inexpediently the full replacement of power supply devices, but required increasing of the surge protection, remote monitoring function of supply network and reliability of functioning. Therefore IFU and IBU are installed when input devices absent at all or for replacement of existing PS and CPS.



The structure of input device is designed by customer requirements. The complete structure is: IFU1, IFU2, IFU3, IBU, IBU could use together with USU if necessary.

IBU has one version, but IFU-IFU3 could be differ by presence or absent of electricity meter (PWh) and current transformer (TA4) which is designed for control current leakage during development of earth systems TT and IT. Herewith it is possible to resupply of input devices by indicated elements in future.

The internal scheme of EPB is realized that the first step - emergency disconnection from load IFU1-IFU3, the second – disconnection the IBU.