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Interlocking Solutions


Designed for power supply of Relay Interlocking on small-scale stations and ABTC/ABTC-M

Autonomic power supply of Interlocking systems minimum 2 hours

Compatible with any types of input devices

Compatible with any earth systems using IFU

Power supply of DC track switches



CPSP EI 40 is intended for high performance uninterruptible power of Relay interlocking with track switches up to 40 together with ABTC and can be used inside the EI buildings or transportable modules.



Isolated power poles from 7 to 25 V high capacity are intended for light indication on the different displays where flashing poles are implemented on contactless solid contactors and relays basis.

The plant has the combined construction with common input distribution board and two transformer boards: TB1 – for power supply loads of Electrical interlocking and TB-2 – for power supply loads of ABTC.

The industrial unit USU GE DE is used for providing uninterruptible power supply of Electrical interlocking and ABTC devices amounting to CPSP EI 40 + ABTC. The switching time from storage batteries during disappearing external network is zero. For possible USU maintenance work is provided its automatic bypass by reverse switch with motor drive Unit has Russian interface and possibility of remote diagnostic by systems STDM. The control function of USU input voltage is implemented in CPSP EI 40. If the input voltage is not equal to accepted standards will made the automatic switching of power VTC and coding ATC to the external network.

Special versions of CPSP EI 40 +ABTC are designed for power supply of DC switch motors.