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Interlocking Solutions


Designed for power supply of Relay Interlocking on large-scale stations

Autonomic power supply of Interlocking systems minimum 2 hours

Compatible with any earth systems using IFU

Power supply of DC track switches



CPSP 200R is intended for high performance uninterruptible power supply of Relay interlocking with track switches up to 200 and can be used inside the EI buildings.



CPSP 200R has an own diagnostic system. Isolated power poles from 7 to 25 V high capacity are intended for light indication on the different displays where flashing poles are implemented on contactless solid contactors and relays basis.

The UPS is used for providing uninterruptible supply of Interlocking system amounting to CPSP. The system consists of three industrial parallel units GE DE. The switching time from storage batteries during disappearing external network is zero. All critical elements and functions are reserved and the single refusal point is absent. The system is based on the power backup n+1 principle in which failure of one USU doesn’t lead to overload other. This solution also allows the maintenance work of any USU without power supply interruption. Unit has Russian interface and possibility of remote diagnostic by systems STDM.

CPSP 200R could provide the power supply of DC and AC switch motors.