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Interlocking Solutions

Maintenance work and education

The microprocessor-based interlocking systems EC-EM/ABTC-EM are not required high qualification of engineer and station operators maintaining these systems because the system are designed and executed with using high-tech technical solutions on advanced elements base. Our specialists give lessons to engineer and station operators maintaining system on the exact station in the frame of the commissioning works. During 30 hours operators are getting the enough scope of knowledge and experience for self-determined work taking into account the specifics of service equipment putting into operation.

Was designed training stand allowing to simulate the failures of the interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM components for practical skill training of searching and failures correcting. This stand is situated in the education center Radioavionica JSC and can be used for periodical knowledge checking of specialist of Signaling.

In the beginning of 2010 thanks to Radioavionica JSC were supplied the equipment and educated the specialist of Moscow Railway Education center. In 2011 were equipped the educating classes for North-Caucus Railway. Nowadays the railway specialists are getting knowledge and upgrading skills in these centers.

In addition to training and education of railway specialists our company pays attention in guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of the interlocking systems EC-EM and separate supplied power supply units. The maintenance of hardware performs by our service center which has advanced material equipment and highly qualified staff. Nowadays our service teams work on Oktyabr’skaya, Moscow, North, South-East and North-Caucus railways. Every service team is provided with everything necessary for maintenance and repair. Every our service car is equipped with all necessary tools and supplies to carry out the prophylactics, diagnostic, small and average repair directly on the object. The effective work of center is provided by the spare parts warehouse, fully stocked for maintenance and available offices in Voronezh and Rostov-on-Don. As the result the customer gets the required level of support which entails his saving of his time, intellectual resources and minimization of such an important parameter as equipment downtime that ultimately brings tangible material benefits.