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Object controller device - OCD

OCD has three channel architecture for monitoring and control of relay of the 1-st class reliability and operates be commands from CSD unit. The structure and quantity of cabinets OCD are determinated by specific project and depended on quantity control facilities on station (the quantity of centralized tracks witches). Every cabinet OCD can the control of 384 relays and 560 contacts. The overall sizes (WхHхD) are 600х2000х800. Weight is about 250 kg.

OCD consists of:

  • 3 communication subunits (CS);
  • data acquisition modules (DAM) which provide the capturing of discrete information about condition of control facility;
  • output amplifier modules (OAM) which provide the organization of output signals CCS for relay control;
  • safety control and switch off modules (SCSM) which exclude the dangerous failures by disconnection output cascades OAM;
  • 3 power supply modules (PSM);
  • 3 media converters modules (MCM).

The connection of cabinets OCD to cabinet CSD could be implemented via cooper four wire or fiber optic cables which provide the facilities control that could be located at distance up to 120 km from CSD. For the first time the remote cabinet OCD is adjusted for control of ABTC-EM concentration station on line Vyazniki-Sen’kovo Gorkovskoy railway in 2009. For conversion electrical signal into light signal are applied the media converter modules of Radioavionica JSC.  MCM are used for interface RS-422/485 and Ethernet (10/100Mb/sec). Modules MCM are designed for adjustment in cabinets CSD, OCD, COCD or special commutation cabinets.