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Interlocking Solutions

Station operator workplace - WSO

The control of microprocessor-based interlocking systems EC-EM/ABTC-EM is implemented from automated station operator workplace (WSO). The integration the information-service functions into interlocking system EC-EM has allowed to improve the employment terms of station operators and provide possibility to get the protocols of action and system operation.

Application of 2-4 sets WSO in interlocking system EC-EM/ABTC-EM provides the monitor and control of large-scale stations with several control zones. The station Bologoe (207 track switches) was equipped with interlocking system EC-EM with two control zones in 2009. Using one set of WSO it is possible to control the one station or station group with centralized and decentralized arrangement of control elements. Also it is available to transfer the control of parks from WSO to local control.

WSO provides:

  • visual control of train location on station and neighboring lines using ABTC-EM;

  • visual control of outdoor equipment condition;

  • control of itineraries and separate outdoor equipment;

  • generalized alarm about system failures.

The set WSO consists of three PC, one of them is in operating mode, second – in “hot” reservation and third – in “cold” reservation. The quantity of PC could be reduced according to customer requirements.

The set WSO can include up to 4 monitors for convenient display of train location on large-scale stations. Also additionally could be supplied the monitor of shared use where the increased track diagram is shown. Graphic station with shared use monitor is used for large-scale station. The connection between WSO and CSD is realized by four-wire cooper and fiber optic cables. If the station is divided on control zones each zone will be occupied by WSO.