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Interlocking Solutions

Microprocessor-based interlocking system EC-EM

Interlocking system EC-EM can be used in two variations:

  • direct connection with outdoor equipment;

  • connection with outdoor equipment through relay of the 1-st class reliability.

Each of these variations could be designed for different aims:

  • partial modernization of relay systems on interlocking system EC-EM;

  • possibility of object remote control;

  • using of digital coupling with adjacent systems Automatic block system (AB), Dispatcher  centralization (DC), Cab signaling, Systems of technical diagnostic-and-monitoring (STDM), Automatic brake control system (ABS) and so on.

The best configuration of hardware-software and relay devices allows to choose more suitable version both in value and the area of its premises. The implementation of Contactless Object Control Device (COCD) into interlocking system EC-EM can decrease the quantity of relays on one track switch from 28 to 11 and increase operation characteristics of system. If relay schemes of outdoor equipment control (switches, traffic lights) is implemented into in the microprocessor system EC-EM the relay stations for 20 track switches occupy will be no more than 4 modules which is considerably less space than modern relay system.  Applying of connection with outdoor equipment without relay can reduce the number of transportable modules to three on such stations.